Some of the Kindred Spirits

Denise, Angela
Zantui, Marc, BC

Angela Brightfeather:
Child of Mother Earth, finding my way on the Red Path for many years. Practicing Shaman within the Tranagender Community and beyond. One of the original members of Kindred Spirits and pleased to talk with everyone who may come my way.

Holly Boswell:
I honor a vision of a re-emergence of transgender people who acknowledge a profoundly spiritual aspect of their gender journeys. I also yearn to co-create a global trans-spiritual community, wherein we can heal and reclaim our power to contribute positively to this ailing world. I mostly believe in magic, and the power of love.

Yvonne Cook-Riley:

Marc Eden:
I walk many paths and wear many hats. It is the tradition of my family and ancestors to be of many hands and widely diverse and adaptable. I practice a druidic based shamanic path that incorporates many attributes of eastern philosophy and european magic-earth-based religions. I do shamanic healing, soul-retrieval and hands-on body work and use music, drum and sing-song/chant to assist. I am a son of Lugh the Many-Handed. (Leprechauns)

BC Holmes:
I've dabbled in a variety of belief systems: shamanism, Wicca, and others. But my real spiritual home is Vodou. On television, Vodou is about black magic and zombies, but the real Vodou religion is about empowerment and respect.

Penny Huggins:
Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have always felt my heart beat to the rhythm of these mountains. Personally, I have found a mix of spirituality within Ceremonial Pagan and Quabalistic structure closest to this same rhythm. I still find the most connection within these mountains, listening to their song while riding on the shoulder of this timeless Eastern range, in the company of my family of choice.

Annie Johnson:

Denise Leclair: