Kindred Spirits has set up an email list for use in sharing about our journeys. You can visit the list site by going to:

Unfortunately some specific rules are necessary, so we will get those out of the way right at the start.

This will be a private list and a safe space, and as such nothing said on this list is to be taken from the postings to this list for any purpose, written or verbal, without the express permission of the author. Permission should be given in writing via email and copied to the list moderator. If we have a complaint that someone has taken something without permission, and we don't have email giving that permission, the offender will be barred from the list.

The Transpirits mailing list is for people who have dealt with and/or are dealing with gender identity issues, and who have found that their gender issues have moved them into a spiritual journey where they find themselves rejecting the duality of gender. We use the term gender identity issues rather than transgender with intent, as many persons who are not transgendered have found that their struggle with gender issues has led them to a rejection of dualistic gender roles and a concommittent opening to the spiritual. We invite all who find a spiritual journey in your exploration of gender to join us.